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Trigger Foods to Avoid With Acid Reflux

Could you be suffering from acid reflux? Acid reflux is an often chronic condition whereby the acid contained in the stomach runs up towards the mouth and throat – and symptoms of this can include constant heartburn after you eat, or waking up several times throughout the night experiencing heartburn. You might also experience other more severe symptoms such as stomach pain and very frequent vomiting.

You should visit your doctor if you suspect that you might have acid reflux and have been using more and more antacids without them having any effect: If you have already been diagnosed with acid reflux, then you should consider the diet changes that you need to make in order to keep the attacks of acid reflux to a minimum – there are many foods that can trigger an acid reflux attack, even if you are taking medication for it now. Here are thirteen trigger foods that you should avoid with acid reflux.

1. Citrus

If you have acid reflux then you should know that you should be avoiding any kind of food that increases the amount of acid produced to the stomach – or downright adds to the acid that’s already in the stomach, causing the build-up of acid – which is the trigger that allows acid reflux to take its effect. Nobody likes having acid reflux, so wouldn’t it be great to know what triggers it so you can cut it out of your diet completely?

When most people think of acidic fruits and vegetables then the first things they think of are citrus: And that would be the right assumption. Citrus should be avoided if you suffer from acid reflux – and this includes citrus fruits like lemons, oranges and nectarines, all of which can add to the acid content in your stomach and trigger an acid reflux attack that you could very well have avoided.


2. Tomatoes

When you think of acidic foods and when you think of the first thing that triggers heartburn, then what is the first food that comes to your mind? The first thing that most people think of is tomatoes – and again, you would be right in saying that you should be avoiding tomatoes if acid reflux is a frequent problem. Tomatoes are very acidic – in fact, they’re about as acidic as citrus which we’ve already mentioned, so you’ll want to cut them out of your diet entirely.

This effect of tomatoes is increased when the tomatoes are raw, so you might want to make sure that all of the food you eat doesn’t contain raw, acidic tomatoes – and this includes something simple like salad. Cut anything acidic out of your diet and minimize attacks of reflux – this includes things like tomatoes too. And this includes everything that has tomatoes as an ingredient.


3. Coffee

Many people use a great cup of steaming coffee to start off their days – in fact, many people cannot imagine what their days would be like if they could not start it off with coffee. But a lot of people can’t find an explanation for exactly why they are feeling absolutely terrible by lunchtime every day and having to struggle with the worst heartburn they have ever felt before they have even eaten anything that could trigger it.

But wait: Go back and think about it again. Did you start your day off with coffee? This could very well be the trigger for your acid reflux in the first place – and if this is a problem that you struggle with then you should cut coffee out of your diet immediately – and we mean all forms of coffee, even when it comes to decaf. It can be one of the foremost causes of repeated heartburn that you can’t find another cause for.


4. Onions

Are you someone who loves to eat a great spaghetti bolognaise or a great cheeseburger? Then you should know that you need to make some urgent changes to your diet – what you are doing to yourself isn’t healthy in the long run, even if you don’t realize it. The ingredient we’re talking about here is a very common ingredient in many dishes, including spaghetti, salads, cheeseburgers – and probably thousands of some more of your favorite foods that we can mention here.

Onions. Onions are just about as acidic like tomatoes and citrus, and it’s recommended that you cut them out of your diet if you are suffering from any kind of digestive issues – which aren’t just limited to having more acid in your stomach but can also be related to much more serious conditions such as stomach ulcers. Did you know that acid reflux can put you at a higher risk of developing a stomach ulcer?


5. Peas

It is generally recommended that you should avoid peas in your diet – both cooked and in raw form – if you suffer from any kind of digestive issues like IBS. Eating peas might very well be the trigger behind your condition if you suffer from any existing stomach issues and experience severe stomach upset – or heartburn – every time you eat something that contains peas.

This can include salads and soups, but peas can also sneak in as an ingredient in many stews, so watch out and make sure if you are not the person who cooked the food. Peas are also known for affecting the body’s hormone levels, and women are generally advised to also avoid eating dishes that contain peas during their pregnancies. Peas should be avoided for their effect on the stomach lining, and this is a food that very few people think of when they are thinking of things that cause heartburn.


6. Fries

Do you love going to your local takeout and ordering a huge mountain of fries with tomato sauce – or whatever condiment it is that you like putting on it? Your problem here could very easily be twofold – first, you should be avoiding tomatoes for the reasons we’ve already mentioned above, and you should also be avoiding fries – and anything else that happens to be fried in oil.

The high oil content here has a definite habit of upsetting the stomach, and we can almost guarantee that consuming tons of fries is going to make you sick – especially if you consume a lot of it and then cover it in something else that will only add to the problem. If you are still a fan of fries, then you should consider switching to oven-baked potatoes instead of going for the fried option. You will find that you feel much better as a result.


7. Cheese

Did you know that cheese is alive? Well, that’s why it’s cheese in the first place – and the same is true for other cultured dairy products like yogurt. Cheese and yogurt both contain cultures that are alive and very needed for your overall stomach health, but if your stomach is unhealthy as it is, then you might find that eating cheese is an aggravating factor in your condition and just leads to heartburn.

There are many different types of cheese and the effect might be worse with some than with others – a moldy or sharp-flavored cheese might be more likely than to cause an acid attack than a more mild blend, though any of these consumed in excess will make sure that your acid reflux is immediately triggered. Avoid all types of cheese if you notice that your attacks of acid are more frequent with time – or switch to goat’s milk cheese instead.


8. Cheeseburgers

We’ve already gone through some of the ingredients that could be detrimental to your health if you already suffer from existing problems with acid reflux or with your stomach in general – but what about foods that happen to be a combination of several of the ingredients that we’ve mentioned here before?

Cheeseburgers are one of the foods you will have to avoid entirely if you have been diagnosed with acid reflux or have frequent problems with heartburn – they are a combination of several foods that can cause problems with acid in your stomach, including bread, cheese, tomatoes and usually some kind of dressing that already contains a fair amount of acid as it is. Then, some people combine this meal with fizzy drinks and top it off with fries – that only makes the health effect much worse in the long run.


9. Pizza

Now that we’re talking about foods that are a combination of several ingredients that can cause an attack of acid, let’s talk about some more foods that will cause a complete attack of acid in your stomach when you consume it – for some, this might even lead to a night of heavy vomiting, especially if combined with drinking soda or alcohol. The next culprit on this list that you should avoid if acid reflux is a problem for you is pizza.

Again, this dish is a combination of several things that we’ve already gone over on this list – including dough, cheese, tomatoes, and sauce. Often this is again combined with several ingredients that are likely to increase the production of acid in your stomach and subsequently increase the likelihood that you will suffer from a severe attack of heartburn.


10. Chocolate

Chocolate is often put in the same category as coffee when it comes to what it can do for your health – we know very well that coffee and chocolate can both be great for the health when they are consumed in moderation, and they have notable health benefits for concentration and the brain’s happy hormones, but at the same time, chocolate and coffee are both ingredients that are known for increasing the production of acid in the stomach – and they should be either consumed in extreme moderation every once in a while, or they should be avoided completely and cut out of your diet if you are prone to having heartburn directly after consuming it.

If you can no longer eat chocolate, you should know that there are many healthier snack options that won’t trigger the same attack of heartburn than eating a chocolate bar would: All it takes is some small changes to your health.

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