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Steps to Grow Kombucha Scoby at Home

Kombucha is a tempting drink which has become tremendously popular in the West, though the drink has been used in the Eastern World for several thousand years. It has a unique flavor combination of sweet and spice. It’s easy to fall in love with it, but as soon as you do, you will realize your habit is quite expensive. In ancient China, it was known to be a product for immortality as it provided several benefits that contributed to the longevity and overall good health. It’s may even be an excellent way to prevent deadly diseases such as cancer.

You might be somewhat doubtful about the health benefits of Kombucha as many herbal remedies do not always fulfill their promises. This drink is entirely different. Several studies have been conducted on the Kombucha to demonstrate its benefits, which are huge. In some countries, there is a trend of drinking Kombucha on a regular basis resulting in a minimal or non-existent rate of cancer and other degenerative diseases. The best thing about this beverage is you can naturally grow it at home. The Kombucha tea is made from Scoby. In this article, we will go over the six steps required to produce Kombucha Scoby which you can use it in Kombucha tea and reap all the health benefits.

1. Purchase a Scoby bar or grow on your own

The very first step is to determine how you are going to perform the task. If you are brewing Kombucha for the first time, you will have two choices: whether to grow the Scoby on your own or purchase a starter Kombucha Scoby from the store. If you do not want to buy a starter Scoby from the store you will probably go with the other option and grow the Scoby on your own. Go through the steps mentioned below to know how it is done most efficiently.


2. Gather your materials

The next step is to gather all your supplies that you will need to grow Kombucha Scoby.

The first thing you need is to purchase Kombucha tea from the market to initiate the growth process. You will also need a fermenting jar with a rubber band and close-fitted cloth. You can go for a sun tea jar or spigot which makes for a nice option for your drink and bottling.

The rule of thumb you need to remember is that the proportion of sweet tea you will need is directly relative to the overall size of the jar. Metal and plastic jars are not recommended as they can react to the Kombucha; glass is the best option.

3. Put together your supplies

Now it’s time to start preparing your sweet tea. You can use black or green tea which helps in maintaining a consistent pH level that prevents the growth of molds. Beverages that have oils can cause your drink to mold. Also, you can use herbal blends in addition to black and green teas.

Once you have your sweet tea ready, you can combine it with the Kombucha tea. Be sure that the sweet tea has cooled to room temperature.

Use a towel to cover and secure the jar with a rubber band so the drink can still breathe while remaining protected from contaminants.


4. Keep the jar in optical temperature

It’s time to wait for the Scoby to grow. Always remember to place the fermenting pot where it is warm. However, it should not come in direct contact with the sunlight.

The recommended temperature is 65 to 85 degrees for Scoby growth. After seven days, you can see a small Scoby developing. At times, it might take a little longer too.

The entire process takes about two to four weeks. Though, it takes even less time in summers.


5. Reap your Scoby

Once your Scoby reaches a quarter-inch thick, you will need to harvest it. Usually, many Kombucha lovers call this the Mother Scoby. You can only use the Scoby to make your delicious Kombucha tea if you have grown it correctly.

Another significant component of Kombucha tea to keep in mind is that it is a 1% alcoholic which is pretty low compared to other beverages.

For instance, a standard beer is around 6.5% alcoholic.


6. Make your Kombucha Scoby tea

The last step is to make your Kombucha Scoby tea. You can quickly make it using water, sugar, standard tea bags, and one or two cups of starter tea. Though you can just make the Kombucha tea using these ingredients, some people prefer adding other ingredients for rich flavor.

For instance, some people add some fruit or fruit juice to the mixture. Also, you can add various herbs or spices. You can even use honey in your drink. It primarily depends on your taste and preferences.



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