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Powerful Ways of Dealing With Fear

Fear is something that can paralyze a person. However, anyone can learn how to deal with their fears. The main problem that people face when it comes to their fears is that they want to cling to the fear because it has become a part of who they are. If you are not ready to face your fear, you are not going to be able to get over them quite yet.

There is nothing wrong with this as everyone does things in their own time.

If you have come across this article, chances are that you are ready to begin facing a fear that you have. Chances are that you did not just scroll through the internet and stumble across this information. You likely have a fear that you think you are ready to deal with and were searching for different ways to deal with your particular fear.

There are many different ways that you can go about dealing with your fears. Each individual will find that there are different methods that work best for their personal needs. Here is a list of 30 different ways that you can use to deal with your fear and hopefully at least a few of them will be helpful for your particular needs.

1. Being Aware

The first thing that you need to do if you are going to deal with your fear is to be aware of it. You need to know that fear is causing a problem in your life. Understanding your fear can be difficult for some as people often become attached to their feelings and thoughts and they begin to believe everything that they think, even if it is not totally rational.

It is important to realize that you are not defined by your fears. Once you become aware of what your fears are, you are now more powerful and can deal with them in a more rational way.


2. Identify

Once you are aware of what your fears are, it is now time to become more specific about what exactly your fear is. Think about what you are truly afraid of. Perhaps you have a fear of spiders. Think about why you are afraid of these creatures.

Did something happen in your past? What is the underlying or real cause of your fear? Getting inside your head and fully understanding why you are afraid is one of the most powerful ways to face your fear and deal with it head-on.


3. Questioning

Curiosity about your fear can lead to questioning. It is important to use your curiosity about your fear to your advantage. Think about what sets off your fear and what your feelings truly are when you are thinking about your fear. For example, how do you feel when you see a spider? What is your initial reaction? Why do you react in that manner?

When it comes to dealing with your fears it is important to research everything about your fear. Use your knowledge as your power. Remember, observation and discovery are both great ways to deal with any type of fear that you may have.


4. The Now

It is important to live in the present, especially when you are dealing with any type of fear. How is your fear affecting you now? Is your fear prohibiting you from doing something that you want to do? Centering yourself within the present moment will allow you to realize that things are how they are.

You will naturally be able to accept what is going on. Simply taking a moment to tap into the now can help you relax and learn how to deal with your fear in a rational way. The process of tapping into the now can be as simple as focusing on your breath and body.


5. Emotional Freedom Techniques

There are several meridian points found on the body that can help you alleviate fears. Simply tapping on these different areas of the body when you are thinking about your fear may help to alleviate your fear altogether.

There are several books and documents on these techniques that you can use in order to help free your emotions and let go of the fears that you are holding onto. Using these emotional freedom techniques offers a simple, yet powerful way to deal with your fears.


6. Sedona Method

The Sedona Method is a simple system that can be used to help conquer any fear that you may have. This method consists of simply asking a few questions while you focus on your fear. The method is rather simple to do and because of this many people dismiss the method.

However, this is a mistake as the Sedona method of dealing with fears has proven to be very successful and offers one of the most powerful ways to deal with any fear that you are facing.


7. Work Method

Another method that can be used to help deal with your fear is the work method. This method of dealing with fear is similar to the Sedona method as questions are asked. You can learn more about this method and determine whether it or the Sedona method would work best for your particular needs.

When it comes to dealing with your fears, using several different methods is often necessary until you determine which one works best for you. Additionally, different methods work better for different types of fears.


8. Hypnosis

Another powerful way to deal with fear is to use hypnosis. Using hypnosis provides a way to program your mind with the right types of thoughts. It is possible to simply eliminate any type of negative thought or belief that you may have.

Hypnosis is something that does not work for everyone. However, there are some people who swear by this method and state that they can create positive changes in their lives using hypnosis techniques. Hypnosis is not necessarily a way to get rid of fear, but rather about learning to relate to your fears in a new way.


9. Be Thankful

When you start to feel scared or fearful, switch your thoughts over to what you are thankful for. For example, if you are afraid to speak in front of a group of people, be thankful that you have the chance to communicate with many different people at once and that the group of people is there to listen to what you are saying.

If you are fearful of spiders, consider being thankful that most types of spiders are not dangerous and many are actually helpful as they eat bugs such as mosquitoes.


10. Writing

Many people find that writing about their fears can be extremely helpful. Whenever you are feeling fearful, consider writing down exactly how you feel. Keeping a journal of your fears will provide you with a way to rationally think about your fears.

When you write down your feelings you can revisit them later when you are in a different state of mind. This provides you with a chance to look at your feelings in a different light and with a different mindset. This is a powerful way to deal with your fears.

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