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Not-So-Common Shortness of Breath Causes

Have you been experiencing shortness of breath? If you have been struggling more to breathe after you have done any form of exercise or have been experiencing far more shortness of breath in the morning, this is definitely causing for concern and a reason to visit your doctor immediately – there are plenty of things that could be the underlying reason behind the fact that you have been experiencing shortness of breath and difficulty breathing, and all of those things will cause even worse health problems if you do not visit your doctor to get them taken care of immediately. Take a look at some of these not so common causes for shortness of breath that you might not have thought of yet to see if you should be making any kind of changes in your life that will take care of the cause that’s been behind your discomfort and the symptoms you experience.

1. Asthma

Have you been experiencing shortness of breath your entire life, or do you remember how your lungs and throat used to close up every time that you had to run somewhere as a child or teenager? Maybe this is still an experience that you share today: Asthma is a very common condition, and in the same of some people it’s a disease that can be grown out of and it will go away as you get older, but in many cases asthma is something that lasts an entire lifetime – and needs to be handled accordingly.

If you suffer from asthma that tends to be aggravated by pollution and exercise, then you should be avoiding both and ensure that you’re taking the right medication along with it. Many people might also benefit from carrying around an asthma inhaler if they find that shortness of breath is a common symptom that happens to them regularly.


2. Smoking

We know that you shouldn’t smoke and there have been thousands upon thousands in money spent on advertising to ensure that people don’t smoke – you should remember the ads, and if you’re a smoker you should also know that they had no effect on the fact that you smoke or not. Smoking is an extremely harmful habit, yet there are still millions of people all over the world who are heavy smokers and don’t think about what it’s doing to their health.

Do you realize what smoking does to your health? Many medical examiners and doctors know from surgery, and many of them quit smoking themselves the moment they had to cut into someone’s lung who happened to be a smoker: Your lungs fill with all sorts of toxins including tar, and this will result in serious health problems later in life – including shortness of breath that doesn’t go away no matter what. Stop smoking!


3. Lung Disease

Lung disease can commonly be associated with people who have been smoking for their entire lives and eventually degraded their lungs to the point where they developed chronic lung conditions like bronchitis and pneumonia later on in life: If you are a smoker, then you are at a considerably higher risk for developing lung disease and shortness of breath all the time as a result.

But it’s not always the case when people develop lung disease – some people develop lung disease because of external factors like their environment, and many people can develop lung disease even if they’ve never been a smoker. How will you know that you have the potential to develop lung disease then? Pay attention to the levels of pollution around you – and note if you are experiencing any chronic shortness of breath: If you are then it could be time to make an appointment with your doctor.


4. Cancer

If you’ve been experiencing chronic shortness of breath and you have been completely unable to find another cause for it then it might be time to think of the fact that there might be something underlying wrong with your health that you need to get looked at immediately. If you can combine shortness of breath with other more serious health symptoms like feeling a lump anywhere in your body where it shouldn’t be, then you should make an immediate appointment with your doctor so that they can do potential cancer screenings to see if that could be the cause.

There are many factors that can cause cancer, and shortness of breath can be a symptom – especially if you’ve been experiencing your health gradually declining over time. Most types of cancers can be treated and you can many times be in remission if you find it early enough and go for treatment at the right time.


5. Indigestion

Have you been experiencing indigestion as a symptom lately? This might be something that goes along with your shortness of breath – and you might not even know that it could happen. This is not one of the symptoms that people would imagine going together, but you should remember where your stomach, lungs, and diaphragm are all located: They are all in close proximity to each other and something that can affect one of these things will almost surely affect the other.

Shortness of breath going together with indigestion could very well be a sign that you need to change your diet, or it could instead mean that you need to make an appointment with your doctor and get the issues with your health checked out immediately. Shortness of breath when eating can also go together with food allergies if you are at all able to tie it to a food that you commonly consume: Start avoiding the food, take antihistamines and your shortness of breath could very well go away soon.


6. Allergies

Shortness of breath can be a common sign of allergies – and we’ve already briefly mentioned this in the previous point in this article; if you have been struggling with shortness of breath and you can tie it to having recently eaten something or been exposed to something like pollen, then you can be almost sure that your shortness of breath is only a symptom of your allergy;

it’s easy to go for an allergy screening and we definitely recommend that you do – this should be enough to tell you just what’s making your allergies flare up and what you should be steering clear of if you don’t want to deal with shortness of breath the whole time.

If it is triggered by an allergy, then you might also want to take antihistamines on a regular basis: This can prevent the flare-up of an allergy attack when you get exposed to your allergy.

7. Altitude

Have you recently moved from one area to another or are you vacationing in a different place for a while? This could very well be something that’s directly tied to your shortness of breath. Use your search engine and look up the altitude of where you are now and where you usually find yourself – if you are currently at a higher altitude, then the oxygen content of where you find yourself now is different to what you are used to and your lungs might have some trouble adapting.

If this is a problem that persists if you have just moved to a new area, then visit your doctor to find out if there are medications that might be able to help you cope – and you can generally rely on your lungs to get used to the area’s altitude and oxygen content over time. In most cases, your lungs will get used to the slight change if you give it enough time.


8. Heart Disease

If you have been experiencing attacks of shortness of breath when you have been exercising or running for a while, or you experience shortness of breath with a combination of symptoms such as chest pain and exhaustion, then you should consider the fact that your symptoms might be due to your heart; can you add any other symptoms to the list that we’ve already mentioned here?

If you can think of symptoms such as heart palpitations too, then we’re sure that you should make an appointment with your cardiologist and get your heart checked out – your shortness of breath combined with these symptoms could very well be a symptom that you have underlying heart disease that needs to be treated as soon as possible. Underlying heart disease is not a symptom that you want to leave alone untreated for a while – it can be fatal to your health if you ignore any heart issues.


9. Anemia

Could you be anemic? Shortness of breath can be a symptom of anemia, which is known as the shortage of iron in your body – either because you aren’t getting in enough through your diet or because of the fact that your body is having problems absorbing what you take in.

Anemia comes with a whole range of other symptoms that you might be going through at the same time, including a feeling of constantly being tired and a feeling of constant lightheadedness; those who suffer from anemia might also find that they are constantly hungry or are going more pale than they normally are.

In this case, you should up your iron levels and make an appointment with your doctor immediately so that you can find out what the real cause behind your anemia and shortness of breath is: After all, how are you going to fix it if you have no idea what’s wrong?

10. Lung Injury

Have you recently injured your lung or ribs? If you’ve been able to rule out all of the other symptoms on this list as a potential cause for the shortness of breath you have been experiencing lately, then it might be time to think of the fact that your shortness of breath could be caused by something that is instead causing pressure on your lungs – and if you recently remember injuring your ribcage in any way then this could very well be the cause.

You don’t have to break a rib to feel this kind of pressure on your lungs – you can also bruise a rib, and it’s the case many times that it happens to someone without them realizing what damage it did on the inside: Remember that there can still be bruising and injury on the inside even when you think that the primary injuries have already healed a long time ago.

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