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Natural Ways to Treat Essential Tremor

Essential tremor can be a scary condition, and tremors can have several different causes behind them, but in most cases you should know that tremors can be a condition that’s easy to manage with a couple of small lifestyle changes that are combined with the right treatment. You might find that a tremor starts slowly and starts to increase over time: This is when you should take a closer look at your health in general and find what tends to make your tremor better or worse.

If you have noticed even a slight tremor, then you should make an appointment with your doctor to find the cause of the tremor and discuss what treatments options could be best for managing the condition. You can also try some of these natural ways to treat essential tremor and to reduce instances of the tremor occurring. For best results, you can even combine some of these treatment options with each other to see what works.

1. Reducing Caffeine

Caffeine is a great way to wake up both the mind and the body, and there are thousands of people all over the world who swear that a cup of coffee is the only thing that gets them going in the morning – and there are plenty of health benefits if you are drinking caffeine in moderate levels. There is plenty of research that also tells us that drinking too much coffee or ingesting too much caffeine through other means can have hugely adverse health effects.

Just some of the effects that are associated with drinking too much coffee includes tremors, and if you find that you are experiencing this symptom and can tie it directly to how much coffee you are drinking, then all you usually have to do is cut down on coffee – or switch over to drinking decaf if you enjoy drinking coffee because of your routine or simply because you enjoy the taste.


2. Yoga

If you’ve never tried yoga before reading this, then you should ideally start with a slow, steady introduction to the exercise form. If you do too much exercise too fast, then you could end up hurting yourself: Remember that you should always, always stop exercising once you experience any kind of pain or discomfort during – no exercise is worth injury.

Yoga can be a great way to strengthen your core, improve your mood, establish a healthy routine – and it can reduce instances of a tremor, especially if this tremor is due to something like a pinched nerve or weakened muscles.

If you already suspect that you have problems with your muscles or joints, then you should consult your doctor before you embark on undertaking yoga or a new exercise routine of any sort. And, if you experience issues with pain or pulled muscles, start taking it easy or see your doctor before continuing.

3. Beta-Blockers

There are many times where tremors can be because of an underlying condition which is affecting the heart; in this case, the person will likely be experiencing heart palpitations or a slowed-down heart rate along with the tremors. If it is heart palpitations behind the tremors, then it can be easily brought under control by using beta-blockers – visit a cardiologist or general health practitioner to discuss what the best course of treatment for the disorder will be.

There are some contra-indications for beta-blockers: If you experience any side-effects when taking the medication such as chest pains, fainting spells or an increase in the tremor, consult your doctor or the dispensing pharmacist before continuing to take the medication. Most heart medications also tend to clash with medications for asthma, so mention it to your doctor if you have ever had any problems with your lungs or are currently taking any asthma medication.


4. Stop Drinking

Drinking alcohol can worsen tremor plenty of the time because alcohol acts as a nervous depressant, though it might also be pointing towards a more serious health condition. If you have an existing condition which affects your neuro-receptors and nerves, then it’s likely that alcohol will worsen a tremor that’s already there – and could make it nearly uncontrollable. Pay attention to the rest of your symptoms if you find that tremor is becoming worse with alcohol use.

A tremor is also a very common symptom of withdrawal symptoms from alcohol, so if you want to treat a tremor naturally, one of the best ways is to start taking a look at your health and what you consume, then making some small changes to improve what you’re currently doing.
Seek professional help if you find that you have trouble not drinking: There are plenty of treatment options to help you.


5. Muscle Strengthening

Often times a tremor can be caused by weakness or injury in the muscles; in this case, the best thing you can do is to switch over to a healthy, protein-loaded diet best for building muscle – and to start doing some slow, rehabilitative muscle exercises. Remember that you should never exercise past the point where you start feeling pain because you will only be risking further injury to your muscles.

You should approach the strengthening of your muscles gradually; see a personal trainer if you find that you aren’t sure how to start exercising or how to work out a proper exercise routine that won’t be bad for your health.

If you find that the tremor is staying the same or getting worse with exercise, stop your exercise routine until you have found proper medical attention who will be able to tell you what you should and shouldn’t be doing.


6. Avoid Sugar

Sometimes the consumption of excess sugar can be the cause behind developing a tremor; you can almost think of it the same way you can think of too much caffeine. You literally ingest so much of it that your body starts to chase a “sugar high.” If this has been happening to you, then you should start to avoid sugar and cut it out in your diet – this includes snacks that are loaded with sugar.

You should also ensure that you get your blood sugar tested soon, especially if you find that consuming too much sugar makes you experience symptoms like blurred vision, tiredness, and increased urination – this could mean that you are showing signs of diabetes.

If you are experiencing tremors, then you should start by cutting things like caffeine and sugar out of your diet to see if the condition is at all affected by the subsequent changes to your health.

7. Supplement With Herbs

There are plenty of herbs that you can add to your daily routine to reduce the risk of developing a tremor, or to minimize the severity of a tremor that you are already struggling with. First, you should consider adding more turmeric to your diet – if you have never used it before, then you might recognize it as the spice that commonly gives color to curries, or the spice that is most commonly used by people to make yellow rice (when they’re not using saffron, that is).

Why start with turmeric? It’s a powerful anti-inflammatory and immune-booster that can aid a variety of health conditions that cause tremors, including heart problems and arthritis. You can even make a drink by boiling turmeric in milk – and, of course, adding just a little bit of sugar to make it taste a little better.
Other herbal supplements that might help include lavender, which is well-known for its muscle-relaxing effects.


8. Supplements

It’s a known fact that most people aren’t getting enough of the food they need through their diet; foods simply aren’t the same as they were ten or twenty years ago, and now we have to deal with foods that have less nutritional value than it used to – and far more additives than is healthy for our bodies. This means that you really aren’t getting enough minerals and vitamins through your conventional diet. How do you fix this?

Simple: Start with supplements. Visit your doctor to find out what supplements you should be taking for the best effects. You will find that you feel healthier in general, especially if you take several supplements in combination with each other – or simply make use of a comprehensive multivitamin supplement instead.
Magnesium is an excellent supplement if you are experiencing trouble with tremors; in some cases, you can even use magnesium spray directly applied to tired, aching muscles.

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