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Natural Ways to Help You Cope with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Many of us have exhausting lifestyles, so it isn’t rare that we feel tired and stressed regularly, but in some cases, frequent tiredness can be the symptom of a health problem. If you feel tired for no apparent reason, have problems with resting and relaxing, feel joint pain and muscular tiredness or cramps, have digestive problems and experience pain in your muscles and joints that seems to shift among different parts of your body, then chances are that you have a disorder called chronic fatigue syndrome.

The symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome can change our lives, affect our relationships and our performance at our jobs or studies, and fill us with frustration and anger. But don’t worry, there is a large number of natural remedies and strategies that can help you with your chronic fatigue. Here is a list of ten natural ways in which you can relieve your chronic fatigue and have a better lifestyle with no negative side effects.

1. Maca root

Maca root is an ancient precolombine remedy that has been used for generations and generations as an all-purpose remedy, an energizing supplement, and a boost for the immune system. Maca is a tree only found in Peru, and the powder if its root is a well known traditional remedy among the Peruvians that was widely used in the Inca empire.

Maca root is exceptional because it is incredibly nutritive, and for that reason, it is known to revitalize and help cure a wide range of health problems. If you have chronic fatigue syndrome, you can benefit from two main aspects of maca root.

First, for its chemical properties, maca root is very energizing, and it can help you fight the tiredness that the disease is causing. Also, Maca has high levels of vitamins of the B complex, that help your immune system get stronger and more effective.


2. Alfalfa

This herb is quite popular as a medicinal plant, although perhaps its most widespread use is as natural food for horses; it is known to benefit health and make the animals stronger and more resistant to diseases.

People eat alfalfa mainly as a digestive herb. Alfalfa can improve your digestion, promoting the absorption of nutrients, and helping relieve intestinal symptoms associated with chronic fatigue disorder such as irritable bowel syndrome.

Also, alfalfa improves your appetite. Doctors believe that poor absorption of nutrients and poor digestion plays a big part in the symptoms of the chronic fatigue syndrome, so eating natural digestives like alfalfa will help you feel more energized and also relieve the emotional drainage by providing your brain with all the nutrients that it needs to work properly. Additionally, alfalfa helps fight other symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome such as cognitive weakening, problems with concentration, and difficulties with short term memory.

3. Valerian.

This nice little flower is one of the best known natural remedies against fatigue and lack of sleep. One of the best ways to recover your energy and feel more invigorated is to sleep well at night and get as much rest as you can.

Valerian is a very popular herbal remedy for insomnia and restless sleep. Some people prefer to drink valerian tea a while before they go to bed because it helps them relax and fall asleep more easily.

Also, you can incorporate valerian roots into your diet to increase the quality of your rest at night. If you don’t like the taste or texture of valerian, other natural remedies that you can use to improve your sleep and let go of your daily stress are chamomile tea and lavender essential oil. Lavender in particular is very popular in aromatherapy as a relaxing plant that helps you sleep.

4. Astragalus

Astragalus is one of the most popular medicinal plants in the Far East and is known as one of the fifty traditional healing plants in Chinese medicine. Its natural properties have been appreciated for thousands of years, and you can get relief from your chronic fatigue syndrome by adding some astragalus to your daily diet.

Among its many properties, astragalus is very energizing, so it can help you counteract the weakness and tiredness characteristic of chronic fatigue syndrome. Also, the astragalus is a potent booster of the immune system, helping it fight viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens.

Many doctors believe that chronic fatigue syndrome may have a viral cause, so any component that strengthens your immune response will play a big part in relieving your symptoms.
Also, if you catch another infection or disease when you have chronic fatigue syndrome, you are likely to have a slower recovery, but astragalus can help you get better much faster than usual.

5. B-6 rich aliments

Although there are specific herbs that boost your immune system, some vitamins play a big role in your immune function and those are found in dozens of different foods. Certain cells in your body require specific substances, often vitamins, to carry out the chemical processes required for them to function properly.

B-6 vitamin is fundamental for the correct function of your immune system, and for this reason, it plays a huge part in the relief of your chronic fatigue syndrome. Many types of food have B-6 vitamins, but here is a list of those where you can find the highest concentration of this compound. B-6 vitamin is abundant in hazelnuts, bananas, and garlic.

Fish such as tuna and salmon are also a great source of B-6 vitamin, but if you like stronger meat, organic beef is another great choice, and turkey will provide the dose of vitamin that you need.

6. B-12 rich aliments

B-12 vitamin is included in many dietary supplements, and for good reason. It is fundamental for a long series of chemical reactions that are key to basic processes in our body. There is no area in particular where B-12 vitamin is used, its need is so widespread that the lack of this component can have devastating effects on our health.

Specifically, in chronic fatigue disorder, healthy levels of B-12 vitamin protect against emotional disorders such as depression, protect the brain from cognitive degeneration, and boost your energy, compensating the effects of chronic fatigue. B-12 is found in aliments of animal origin such as beef, fish (especially tuna, sardines, and salmon), some types of cheese, eggs, and lamb.

Since plants don’t have this vitamin, vegetarians, and especially vegans, need to take an additional vitamin supplement with B-12 vitamin so as not to develop health problems due to lack of vitamin.

7. Magnesium

Aside from vitamins, minerals also play a huge role in our bodily functions. Many have specific uses, so their lack in a person’s diet has very punctual consequences, sometimes even specific diseases are caused by an insufficiency of a certain oligo element such as a mineral.

For example, since iron is a fundamental component of the protein hemoglobin, not enough iron in our bloodstream causes anemia. Even if the functional relationship between magnesium and chronic fatigue syndrome is yet to be fully understood, there is solid clinical evidence that shows that people with chronic fatigue disorder have significantly lower than normal levels of magnesium. Furthermore, an increase in the magnesium intake relieved the symptoms.

Magnesium helps fight the tiredness and the pain and provides more energy to patients with chronic fatigue syndrome. Aliments rich in magnesium include bananas, almonds, black beans, spinach, avocados, and probiotics such as yogurt and kefir.

8. Avoid food allergens

There is a strong correlation between cases of chronic fatigue syndrome and failure in certain immune functions. Some researchers believe that one of the causes of the syndrome is a viral infection that triggers the symptoms in people with a previous latent condition or a genetic vulnerability to chronic fatigue, so insufficient performance of the immune system might increase the chances of developing the syndrome in the first place.

An incorrect immune response could be behind many of the symptoms of chronic fatigue, including joint pain and reduced brain performance. Exposure to allergens can upset the immune system and stress out the cells that fight viruses and bacteria. Many people are allergic to some aliments, but their allergies are so mild that they don’t realize. For that reason, if you don’t know what you are allergic to, you should take an allergy test, called an Immunoglobulin G test.


9. Sleep hygiene

One of the keys to reducing your chronic fatigue is to get enough rest at night. You must get both quantity and quality: sleep as many hours as you need, often not less than eight, and make sure you reach a state of deep slumber, because that is when you are more rested and recover from your daily activities. Sleep hygiene means that you must get rid of all things that prevent you from getting all the quality and quantity of sleep that you need.

For example, avoid stimulants, such as coffee and cola beverages. Some people drink alcohol to better rest at night, but they don’t know that alcohol actually makes your sleep less reparative. Get rid of screens in your bedroom, like the TV and your computer, and turn off your mobile phones a while before going to bed; they stimulate your brain and make it more difficult for you to relax and rest.


10. Acupuncture

Among natural and alternative remedies, studies show that acupuncture helps many patients with all symptoms of their chronic fatigue syndrome. The scientific bases of acupuncture are yet to be fully understood, therefore so far all explanation we have is the one that the practitioners of ancient Chinese medicine give us. The theory behind acupuncture is that the needles thrust special spots in our bodies where life energy (known as Qi or Chi in the Chinese cosmology) flows.

The needles are supposed to stimulate the flow of energy that heals and invigorates our bodies. Whatever the reason is, acupuncture has been reported as an effective method to treat chronic fatigue disease as well as other conditions of similar symptomatology, such as fibromyalgia and irritable bowel syndrome. One of the main advantages of acupuncture is that it has no negative side effects, so you can go to regular sessions without a negative impact on your health.

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