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Natural Fat Burners Without Any Side Effects

Losing weight is an aspiration of many people, but just as any other thing that you do to your body, you must be careful. Look at what you are doing and, especially, which products are you taking so you can reach your desired target weight and waistline measurements.

Some synthetic products like diet pills promise miracles, quick loss of weight, and almost magical transformation, but at what cost? Many of them have side effects that harm your health, so why take them if you have healthy options? Nature, as always, provides us with so many things that we need to be healthy and fit, so why don’t we dive a bit deeper into these 10 natural fat burners that will help you lose weight without any nasty side effect? You can find these in many natural foods, as well as organic recipes and naturistic products found at any natural pharmacy.

1. Probiotics

To put it simply, not all bacteria inside your body make you sick. Right now, there are literally millions of microorganisms inside you that are helping you with your metabolism and your bodily functions.

They live inside your guts, in your genitals, on your skin, and in lots of other places. Probiotics in particular are beneficial bacteria that live inside our guts, and we can incorporate more of them by eating certain foods. The fact that there are different populations of bacteria inside the gut of people who are obese and those who are not, should be enough to make us think that they play a big role in weight regulation.

They enhance our digestive functions and help us get rid of the fatty components we don’t need. You can incorporate probiotics by eating some fermented aliments, including yogurt, kimchi, or kefir. Probiotics are also available as supplements or added to certain brands of dairy products.


2. Chromium

Chromium is an oligo element that our body uses for a number of purposes. This mineral plays an important role in the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates. It promotes the absorption of all these nutrients into the cells of our body, where they are metabolized to get the energy needed for our bodily functions.

A deficiency of chromium could have a negative impact on our metabolism. This mineral is available in many dietary supplements, but some people have warned about the potential toxic effect of chromium in our systems. In fact, a chromium overdose can severely hurt many of our organs, but the good news is this mineral is so rare in nature that we can’t get an excessive amount from natural foods, just from taking too many supplements.

Make sure you have in your diet aliments that provide the chromium that you need, that includes meat, potato skin, whole-grain bread and brewer’s yeast, among others.

3. Conjugated linoleic acid

For those who believed that all fat makes your fat, here you have some proof that in some cases, believe it or not, fat can help you lose weight. Linoleic acid, a fatty chemical found mostly in aliments of animal origin, has a series of components called conjugated linoleic acids.

Mostly popular among bodybuilders and athletes, conjugated linoleic acids have proven to help lose weight and burn more fat. At the same time, it promotes the formation of lean protein, which further increases your fat-burning rate. You need to incorporate conjugated linoleic acid from food because your body cannot produce it by itself.

The best sources of conjugated linoleic acid are raw milk and dairy products –cheese and yogurt being the best-, organic cow meat, and organic butter. You can also find conjugated linoleic acids in many supplements, due to its popularity as a muscle builder.

4. Caffeine

Now you have yet another good reason to enjoy some delicious hot coffee before getting started with your day, or when you take a break from your daily activities. Caffeine is mostly found in coffee beans, but it’s also in cocoa beans and green tea leaves and has plenty of benefits for your health. Most people drink coffee because of its stimulant effects, and those are precisely the reason why caffeine is a great natural fat burner. It increases your metabolism and speeds up the processes of your body.

The faster your metabolism goes, the more energy your body needs, and how can it get all that energy? Well, by burning fat, of course. Since studies show that the effect of caffeine on fat metabolism is stronger in people with less weight, it can be a great boost for the difficult part of your weight loss program, where your metabolism changes, and your loss rate starts slowing down.


5. Protein

This word refers to a wide variety of chemical substances found in all living beings, and you are no exception for that. Proteins make up most of your body structures, especially your muscles and your connective tissue. So what is the connection between proteins and fat? Initially, they are different chemicals, but the proportion of high protein tissue in your body, such as muscle, will have a big impact on your fat metabolism.

The more muscle you have, the more cells in your body will require energy to function, and higher demand in energy is precisely what boosts your fat metabolism. Your body will start breaking fat molecules like crazy to supply all those new cells.

An additional advantage of proteins is that, since they are often heavy molecules that take much effort to digest, they are more slowly processed in your stomach and intestines, and for that reason make you feel full for longer, reducing your appetite.

6. Grapefruit essential oil

Grapefruit is a goldmine of nutrients that do all there can be done to help you lose weight and stay healthy. It has plenty of natural chemicals, such as antioxidants, polyphenols, healthy acids, and enzymes, among others.

The combined effects of this fantastic mix will help you reshape your body, feel more energized, and burn those pesky fat deposits. What is great about grapefruit is that its particular taste and scent is known to work wonders against cravings, especially cravings for sweets. These benefits are so powerful that you don’t even need to eat grapefruit because simply using grapefruit essential oil will provide many of the benefits of the fruit.

Studies show that the topic application of grapefruit essential oil stimulates your lymphatic system, helping your body detoxify and get rid of that extra fat. Add grapefruit to your diet to complement the effects of grapefruit essential oil.

7. Catechins

Antioxidants are chemicals that reduce the degradation of the chemical substances in your body and help you regulate your metabolism by influencing how the oxygen that you breathe transforms the chemicals that you eat. Catechins are powerful antioxidants that not only protect you from the effects of aging, but also increase the fat burning rate, and help you recover more rapidly from workout sessions.

Catechins are found primarily in green tea, but other herbal infusions also have their dose. Tea varieties like rooibos tea are great sources of catechins, and the yerba mate, widely consumed in the southern end of the American continent, is also very rich in this antioxidant.

What is great about green tea, in particular, is that it also has a significant concentration of caffeine, which great properties for speeding up metabolism and fat burning we have discussed above. For an intense dose of catechins try matcha, the Japanese brew of green tea.

8. Capsaicin

Sometimes, when you want to burn some fat, you literally need to find something that makes you feel like you are burning inside. Capsaicin is the chemical that is found in most spicy foods and is the reason why they are spicy in the first place.

Your mouth’s heat and pain receptors react to capsaicin and that is what gives you the characteristic perception of spice. Spicy foods have a number of beneficial effects for your fat metabolism. For example, they inhibit your appetite, helping you reduce the amount of food you actually eat; particularly, they are known to reduce your cravings for sugars.

Also, it helps keep your blood sugar at a healthy level. As if this were not enough, capsaicin increases your body’s fat burn rate. You can find capsaicin in most spicy foods: some of the most popular ones include cayenne pepper, cinnamon, and turmeric.

9. Yohimbine

Of all compounds listed in this article, yohimbine might be the most dangerous one, as it can be a double-bladed sword. Yohimbine is the name of a chemical taken from the bark of a tree called Yohimbe, which grows in many countries of Africa.

The natives have been using Yohimbe as a natural medicine for a very long time and are known to increase sexual drive, so it is used mostly as an aphrodisiac, with some psychotropic properties as well. However, it does have positive effects on weight loss.

What yohimbine does is increase the effects of adrenaline in our bodies, and as you know, adrenaline is a stimulant that speeds up our metabolism and increases our energy consumption, thus making us burn more fat.

However, since the mechanism of action of yohimbine increases the activity of adrenaline in our bodies, its use is contraindicated in people who have a disorder or vulnerability regarding adrenaline, such as people with anxiety disorders.


10. Soluble fiber

Fiber is mostly found in food of vegetal origin, and its effects on your digestive system can help you burn more fat as well as reduce your calorie intake. Soluble fiber reacts to other components of the food inside your intestines, particularly water. It absorbs fluids and becomes thicker, thus more difficult to digest. At first glance, it could seem that food that is difficult to digest is bad for your system, but actually, it can help you lose weight.

By staying more time in your gut before being passed on, it makes you feel full for a longer time and reduces your appetite; you don’t want to eat more because you are still digesting the last meal. Also, soluble fiber reduces your hunger hormone levels as well as the number of carbohydrates you absorb from food. Aliments rich in soluble fiber include beans, chia seeds, nuts, fruits, grains, and vegetables.

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