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Kombucha Benefits for the Body and Mind

Kombucha is a drink you’ve probably seen in a glass bottle at the coolest health food store in your neighborhood. What is it, though? You’ve probably been tempted to try it, but its look, color, and composition can scare some people off. It is sometimes called a Manchurian mushroom or tea mushroom. It is a fermented, sweetened green or black tea drink that is touted as a health drink. Its proponents say that it has several health benefits. It also tastes pretty darn good.

Some people drink it just for its interesting, unusual taste, and they like that they’re getting supposed health benefits, too. There is a wide variety of kombucha drinks on the market, and it doesn’t seem like the kombucha fad is going anywhere. There are plenty of reasons to drink kombucha every day, so pick up a few bottles the next time you’re at the health food store to see if you like it. It’s been called the “Immortal Health Elixir”, and it has been consumed for nearly 2,000 years. Let’s look at 18 benefits of kombucha for the body and mind. This is probably the most comprehensive list online. Save it for future reference.

1. Anti-Microbial Powers

Kombucha has a tangy flavor because of its acetic acid content. Thanks to this content, it’s able to fight off microbes, which are tiny, bacterial lifeforms in your body that are responsible for making you sick. At the same time as Kombucha is helping your immune system fight these off, it’s also allowing the good bacteria to thrive.

As such, it does a great job of preventing and fighting off infections while also helping you digest food and build up even more good bacteria in your body. For this reason, some people have seen it as an alternative to commercial antibiotics because Kombucha isn’t as harmful as they are.


2. Arthritis Relief

There are also some people who believe that drinking Kombucha tea can’t only help your body fight off the pain of arthritis, but sometimes it can also stop your body from ever developing it in the first place. This is because this beverage contains glucosamine, which research has shown lowers the incidence of some types of arthritis.

These glucosamines also help with the release of hyaluronic acid, which helps with your cartilage – providing people who suffer from arthritis with a lot of pain relief.

Hyaluronic acid also improves the lubrication of your joints, making them stronger and more elastic.


3. Source of Antioxidants

There are a lot of antioxidants in Kombucha tea. Research proves that these eliminate free radicals from your body.

These are produced by environmental toxins and once inside your body they oxidize. This is when they start damaging your cells, causing you to age faster and get sick.

Antioxidants are responsible for fighting these free radicals off. Additionally, research shows that Kombucha’s antioxidants reduce the amount of toxicity in lab rats’ livers.

In fact, this toxicity fell by as much as 70% in some studies. Although this type of research hasn’t been conducted on humans yet, this is good news nonetheless.

4. Treats Type 2 Diabetes

When your body is unable to produce enough insulin, your pancreas can no longer deal with sugar.

This is when you develop diabetes, which simply means you have elevated blood sugar levels. If these sugars aren’t properly dealt with, they can reach dangerous proportions.

When you drink Kombucha tea you’re helping your pancreas’ health. You’re also fighting off diabetes because this tea actually slows the digestion of carbs and the production of glucose (another type of sugar).

While we need glucose for energy, if you digest carbohydrates too fast, glucose floods your system, aggravating your diabetic symptoms. Kombucha tea helps slow this down.

5. Soothes Ulcers

Anyone who has an ulcer will tell you they’re extremely painful.

If you continue getting them, they become really difficult to treat. When you drink Kombucha tea it will reduce this gastric pain. This is because it contains a lot of antioxidants and phenols.

These regulate mucin’s level, which is found in your gastric tissue. In doing so, it lessens the release of gastric acid.

The way Kombucha tea works in treating ulcers rival that of commercial prescription medications. Although you’re probably concerned about what you eat and drink because you don’t want to aggravate your ulcers, you don’t have to worry about it with this tea.

6. Boosts Immunity

Kombucha tea also has many properties that will give your immune system a boost so you don’t get sick. These include:

– A lot of antioxidants that are known for destroying the free radicals that threaten your immune system and damage your cells.

– Microbes that make you sick are also fought off.

– Anti-inflammatory properties

– Probiotics support your liver while also flushing toxins out of your body so you don’t get sick

– High doses of good bacteria contained in Kombucha tea eliminate the bad bacteria

These are great benefits for your overall health. Clearly, you can see how this tea reduces a wide variety of illnesses prevent diseases from forming.


7. Helps With Digestion

Kombucha is a probiotic tea that gives your digestive tract a lot of help so it can produce healthy yeast and bacteria.

These help your gut’s health by aiding in your digestion and easing food’s breakdown before transforming it into other substances. Additionally, Kombucha tea also helps with treating gastrointestinal problems including constipation and diarrhea.

There’s also glucuronic acid in Kombucha tea. This helps your body break down proteins into their component parts so that your digestion works more smoothly.

With a strong dose of good bacteria like this, your body’s gut bacteria starts functioning much better.

8. Maintains Good Cholesterol

Several studies have shown that Kombucha tea lowers your cholesterol levels. It doesn’t only cut down on your “bad” cholesterol (LDL), but it also prevents this cholesterol from forming crystals and oxidating. It also increases HDL cholesterol, which is the “good” or beneficial cholesterol that your body needs.

Many studies have actually discovered that Kombucha’s benefits are similar to those of green tea in this regard. Both of them influence the lipid level in your bloodstream.

So, when you drink Kombucha while eating a diet that’s low in saturated fat, you’ll reap a lot of really great heart health benefits.


9. Helps Prevent Cancer

Unfortunately, there’s still no known cure for cancer nor is there any known substance for preventing cancerous tumors from forming. However, you’ll reap some really important preventative effects from Kombucha.

One such effect comes from glucaric acid, which is one of the active ingredients in this tea. Studies were conducted on humans who received increased levels of this acid.

They show that these people were less likely to develop several types of cancer – including pancreatic and breast cancer. Kombucha is also beneficial in that it contains a lot of nutrients that promote a person’s overall good health.

This also helps make your body less vulnerable to severe ailments, including cancer.

10. Reduces the Risk of Heart Disease

Since Kombucha tea is already known to lower the amount of “bad” cholesterol (LDL) in your blood, it’s developed a reputation of being good for your heart. This is important because cholesterol builds up and clogs your arteries.

When left untreated this leads to strokes and heart attacks. The key to preventing these severe heart ailments is lowering the lipid levels in your blood. Kombucha tea does this and it also does much more, including:

– It prevents fats from oxidizing, which harms your body

– It contains vitamins and minerals that support good heart health and helps your heart have strong circulation too.

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