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Health Benefits of Dandelion Tea

Dandelion is often eradicated from the lawns of most gardeners (sometimes for ludicrously high prices) because they’re seen as a pest that ruins the aesthetic value of a property. However, you might be surprised to know that there are actually quite a few health benefits that you can reap when using dandelion tea. While there are other means of consumption such as adding them into salads, tea is by far the most popular method since it doesn’t take very much effort to prepare.

Today we’re going into some of the key health benefits that you can find when using dandelion in your tea brews. This will cover a wide range of areas and diseases so that you can get a full-spectrum view of dandelion and how it helps. Everything from liver problems to diabetes will be covered in this article. Without further adieu let’s get right into it.

1. Rich in Vitamin K

It might surprise you to know that the amount of vitamin K in dandelion is actually enough to exceed the recommended daily limit five times over. If you’re struggling to get enough vitamin K in your normal diet then having some dandelion tea with your breakfast is an easy way to remedy that issue. In fact, it’s one of the most efficient ways to get more vitamin K into your life.

One of the reasons that vitamin K is so important is the fact that it prevents your blood from clotting up by producing key proteins that keep everything running smoothly. Additionally, it also helps keep your bone health which is another plus especially for those who are getting older and thus more vulnerable to diseases such as osteoporosis. Whatever your reason for getting vitamin K, dandelion tea should be the way that you do it.


2. Liver Problems

Many people of all ages suffer from liver problems. This can be devastating since the liver is responsible for filtering out any toxins that may have made their way into your body. The liver is also responsible for converting the food you eat into useful nutrients, so without it properly functioning you may become malnourished. Fortunately, dandelion is a very effective natural treatment that can help you boost your liver health and remedy any problems that may already be present.

The high vitamin C content in dandelion means that it can remove toxic chemicals (through its antioxidant nature) before they ever reach the liver thus reducing the strain that you put on the organ and keeping it healthier for longer. Think of dandelion as a liver assist that helps out with some of the work so that your actual organ can spend its time on more important things.


3. Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the fastest-growing threats to public health, especially in countries like the United States where obesity rates are rapidly rising and thus increasing the risk of type 2 diabetes. Dandelion is a natural diuretic which means it can help you urinate more often. It does this by helping your bladder fill up and empty out more often, thus increasing the rate at which it cycles.

By urinating more often, you’ll be able to reduce the amount of sugar in your blood which can, in turn, relieve some of the symptoms associated with hyperglycemia — also known as high glucose. You might worry that your blood sugar will drop too low if you have too much dandelion tea. However, dandelion actually helps your body regulate blood sugar meaning you’ll stay in the sweet spot rather than dropping too low or rising too high.


4. Mood Improvement

Between the relationship woes, career stress, and endless supply of bills to pay it can be very easy to find your mood compromised on an almost constant basis. This could make it harder to get along with people and may even put undue strain on your relationship. If you want to repair your mood before lasting damage is made then you should start incorporating dandelion tea into your diet.

Due to the vitamin B6 content in dandelion, they can stabilize your hormones which will help your mood be overall better and more consistent. Furthermore, the B vitamins within it also make it easier for your body to convert the food that you eat into energy — and naturally having more energy will make you feel happier overall. Sadly, your body doesn’t have the means to store vitamin B6 and stockpile it for later so you should drink dandelion tea on a regular basis to get the most out of it.


5. Arthritis

Arthritis is an inflammatory disease that affects the joints and can cause chronic pain, primarily in older patients (though younger people have also been known to suffer from it in some cases.) In fact, the name arthritis literally translates to inflammation of the joints. Dandelion can reduce the inflammation which causes arthritis symptoms by dulling some of your nerves so that they are less sensitive and thus transmit less information that would’ve otherwise triggered inflammation.

This can make it easier for arthritis patients to live with their condition since the symptoms will be less noticeable. Having an active lifestyle can also stave off the progression of arthritis. The energy boost that you get when drinking dandelion tea can make it easier for you to partake in activities such as basketball or going to the gym which will reduce the severity of your arthritis.


6. Skin Infections

There are many people who suffer from skin infections each year, and while they do pass eventually (in most cases) it still helps to be proactive in treating them. Whether they’re microbial or fungal, it’s not a good idea to ignore skin infections as there are some cases in which they might progress into a more serious condition — which you wouldn’t want since that would make it harder and more expensive to treat.

The sap of dandelion has been known to be an effective natural treatment against eczema. However, before you apply it topically you should proceed with caution since some people may have allergic reactions on their skin when using it depending on various genetic factors. The high alkaline content in dandelion milk can also serve as a natural pesticide, and a healthier alternative to other topical creams that are filled with hormones.


7. Cancer

The big C is one of the scariest things that someone can hear from their doctor. That’s why whenever someone spots a lump on their breast or finds blood in their stool they immediately run to their hospital and get themselves checked. In fact, that’s actually good practice since you’ll have a better chance of surviving if you spot cancer early. It’s important to note that you should always stick to the treatment plan that your doctor gives to you, but dandelion can aid the process.

One hospital in Canada suggested that dandelions might be useful due to the fact that it can help with programmed cell death. This means that it can kill cancer cells while leaving normal cells unharmed, unlike chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Mice with leukemia, pancreatic cancer, and melanoma were used as test subjects and the results were quite promising despite it being in the early stages.


8. Bone Health

We’ve already gone over some of the bone-related benefits that dandelion can have on your health, however, it goes far beyond what vitamin K can do so we’re going to use this section to take both a deeper and wider view on how it boosts your bone health. In addition to vitamin K, dandelion also contains magnesium, zinc, potassium, and vitamins A and C — all of which can keep your bones healthy.

Magnesium has been recognized as a key ingredient for the absorption of calcium for quite some time now, so getting more of it through your dandelion tea is always a good idea. Of course, you should still pair it with calcium-rich food so that you actually have the calcium that you need to absorb. Those who don’t get enough magnesium and calcium will have bones that are more brittle in comparison to the average human.


9. Weight Loss

One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is losing weight. Whether this is for social confidence, health reasons, or you just want to look ripped in the new year, dandelions can actually help you achieve your goal for once. If you incorporate dandelion tea into your regular diet then this year may finally be the last year that you have to talk about losing weight.

Dandelions help the waste process happen at a quicker rate if you consume them on a regular basis which can make it easier to shed fat along with water weight. It also boosts the production of bile, making your digestive system healthier. Dandelions are also a natural laxative meaning that they won’t have any problem with cleaning out your colon and preventing diseases that may otherwise develop. Lastly, you can use dandelion tea as a snack in between meals to relieve your hunger without filling you with calories.


10. Skin Health

The applications for skin infections have already been well-covered in our sixth section but what you might not know is that dandelions can actually boost your overall skin health as well. It does this in quite a few ways. The ABCD vitamins (yes, we did that on purpose) that dandelions contain has been known to boost skin health. Remember all the vitamin K that we talked about early on?

Well, that 5x dose will actually boost your skin health too! They can also prevent inflammation in the skin which is imperative to keeping it healthy. The detoxifying nature of dandelions also helps them flush out toxins from your skin. They also prevent the damage that free radicals may cause to your skin cells due to the high antioxidant content. If you prefer, you can even apply it topically rather than drinking the dandelions.

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