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Easy Solutions to Reduce Swollen Gums

Swollen gums are a common dental problem that many people experience. While some people end up going to the dentist to find out what they can do to treat swollen gums, there are actually some natural remedies that work pretty well. Swollen gums can definitely make it more difficult to get through the day, because you experience discomfort even when you’re not eating or drinking, and you often experience more discomfort when you do eat or drink something. This can make it difficult to look forward to mealtimes which makes your days even harder than they need to be. But there are some easy solutions out there to reduce swollen gums. Let’s take a look at 11 ways that you can reduce swollen gums just using things that you find around your own home. You shouldn’t have to spend money at the dentist to take care of swollen gums.

1. Salt Water Rinse

A saltwater rinse is one of the best things that you can do to prevent your gums from swelling up and to get them relief when they do. All you have to do is add a tablespoon of salt into a glass of warm water. Mix the salt up thoroughly and then put as much in your mouth as you can and swish it around completely.

Keep doing this until the water glass is empty. You will notice that your swelling symptoms reduce almost immediately. Saltwater rinse is also a good home solution if you have dental pain. Often, the same dental pain is caused by inflammation which is why so many dentists recommend salt water rinses.

The reason that this works is due to salt water’s ability to neutralize the pH inside your mouth and its ability to soothe inflamed gums. If you combine this with an anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen, it becomes even more effective.


2. Ice

Apply a cold compress with ice in it may give you some relief. The great thing about ice is that it numbs your gums so that if you are feeling any pain or discomfort from having swollen gums and the pain is diminished. But ice also has the effect of shrinking the tissue which can reduce the overall swelling completely.

The best way to do this is to get some ice and put it into a zippered plastic bag. Then cover the zippered plastic bag up with a thick towel and hold onto your mouth on alternating sides until the swelling has decreased.

You should notice an effect from the ice almost immediately. However, once you stop using it the swelling may return. If that happens, simply create another cold compress and hold on to the affected area until the swelling and the pain is gone. If this does not work long-term then you should contact your dentist immediately.

3. Anti-inflammatories

You should definitely take some over-the-counter anti-inflammatories if you want to reduce the amount of discomfort that you’re feeling and get the swelling down on your gums. The swelling in your gums comes from inflammation.

That is the reason that you feel pain and the reason that your gums look inflamed. But the whole purpose of an anti-inflammatory is to reduce that swelling. There are several different anti-inflammatories out on the market these days including ibuprofen and naproxen.

However, you do not have to rely on over-the-counter medication if you do not want to. You can look up some natural remedies that are also anti-inflammatories and use them with the same effect as this medication. Not every natural remedy works as well as ibuprofen or naproxen, but most of them are really effective and they are based on things that you can find around your own home.

4. Warm Compress

A warm compress can often be as effective as a cold one – and it is usually a lot more comfortable. Holding an icy compress on your cheek can be uncomfortable after a few minutes. It is going to give you a great deal of comfort for several minutes until the compress is no longer warm; however, if the warm compress does not work and you definitely should try the ice.

For most people, either a warm compress or a cold compress is at least somewhat effective. There are several ways that you can make a warm compress. Some people have heating pads that they can plug-in and used to create the perfect warm compress that never grows cold. If you do not have a heating pad, then you can simply warm a wet towel up in the microwave and apply it to your cheek to reduce inflammation.


5. Turmeric Paste

Making a paste from turmeric is one of the first things that you should try when you have swelling of the gums. However, it is a mixture that includes more than turmeric. Here’s what you need to make this paste that will do more to reduce your swelling than just about everything else on this list. First of all, added teaspoon of turmeric powder to ½ a teaspoon of salt and ½ a teaspoon of mustard oil.

Once you have these three ingredients, then you can mix the paste. You should mix it completely and make sure that everything is dissolved. From there, all you have to do is apply the paste onto your swollen gums. You want to leave it on there for about 10 minutes and then rinse your mouth with water. Your swelling should have been reduced by the simple act. If not, then you can always make it again.


6. Tea Bag Compress

A tea bag compress can be a terrific way to reduce swelling. For one thing, a tea bag compress is going to have a lot of heat packed into it. If you are boiling water with several tea bags in it and you wrap up those teabags with something thin like a paper towel, this tea bag compress is going to last a lot longer than a towel that you wet with water and then microwaved.

Plus, some types of tea – like green tea – could actually have healing benefits on their own. You should do some research on the various teas and find out what will work best for your swelling, but the bottom line is that a hot tea bag compress can be one of the best ways to reduce swelling in your gums and prevent them from swelling up again. Plus, tea is something that almost everyone has around their house.


7. Baking Soda

If you have some baking soda, then you have all the ingredients you need to make something that will reduce the swelling in your gums. In order to use baking soda successfully, all you have to do is mix the baking soda with some water and apply the mixture to your gums. However, many experts recommend that you add some turmeric to the baking soda mixture in order to make it even more effective.

Apply this solution to your gums and wait for the swelling to reduce. After about 10 minutes, rinse your mouth of clean water and then you can use baking soda to brush her teeth to follow it up. This is a really good solution for reducing swelling in your gums and baking soda is extremely good for your teeth. That’s why so many toothpaste out there has baking soda as an added ingredient.


8. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice doesn’t’ seem like it would be the perfect solution for swollen gums, but the fact is that lemon juice can do almost as much for preventing and reducing inflammation as some of the other solutions on this list. Lemon juice can be purchased at the store for about a dollar, or you can make your own lemon juice by squeezing fresh lemons. All you do is add a few drops of lemon – about a tablespoon in total – to eight ounces of warm water.

Then you will gargle and switch around the lemon solution. Some experts recommend that you add a few drops of rose flower essence, one of the essential oils out there, in order to make this solution even more effective. You can do this several times a day until you have relief from your inflammation and your gums are no longer swollen.


9. Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is another natural remedy for swollen gums, but the difference here is that apple cider vinegar is actually one of the healthiest things that you can consume overall. We do not have space here to go into all of the health benefits of apple cider vinegar, but they are numerous.

Luckily, apple cider vinegar also works to help reduce the inflammation of swollen gums. You don’t want to use it by itself though. Instead, mix apple cider vinegar with some warm water and then gargle it and swish it around like you would some of the other remedies that are on this list.

You can do this several times a day, and it should reduce your inflammation almost immediately. The reason that this works is for the same reason that saltwater works – it restores the pH balance in your mouth to normal levels and this reduces the inflammation and prevents you from experiencing discomfort.

10. Vanilla Extract

You probably have some vanilla extract somewhere in your home. Luckily, if you do you have the potential cure for swollen gums. Vanilla extract is a really great natural remedy for swelling. It is a natural anti-inflammatory and it can be used all by itself. If you do have some vanilla extract, then we should do is get out a Q-tip or a small bit of paper towel and dab it into the bottle of vanilla extract.

Then you can apply it directly to your swollen gums. You do not have to rinse the vanilla extract. You can leave it on as long as you want. The reason that this works is that vanilla extract is both an anti-septic an analgesic that is often used to relieve the pain in infected teeth; primarily by reducing inflammation. You may have better success if you combine this with an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen.

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