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Benefits of Vitamin D

1. Stronger Bones

Vitamin D has a great number of different crucial roles throughout the body, which you will discover as we go through this list. One of the lesser-known of these benefits however is the ability to strengthen bones. This happens because vitamin D encourages the efficient uptake of calcium and magnesium – the minerals that are used to form the bones.

This is why people who don’t get enough sunlight exposure are prone to brittle bones. It’s also why consuming vitamin D is one of the best ways to reduce your likelihood of osteoarthritis in old age, as well as being one of the best ways to combat it if you already suffer from the condition.


2. Increased Testosterone

Another thing that might not spring immediately to mind when considering the benefits of vitamin D, is the fact that it can increase testosterone.

That’s possible because vitamin D is not really a vitamin in the conventional sense but rather a prohormone. That means that it can help the body to produce and regulate its use of hormones, including testosterone.

Boosting testosterone can have a ton of different positive benefits for the body. This will increase muscle mass, virility, strength, energy levels, and more!


3. Diabetes

Did you know that vitamin D may be helpful in the management of diabetes? The thing to remember here is that vitamin D is a prohormone and can regular levels of different hormones at different times.

Hormones are not just responsible for our moods and our energy levels, they also regulate things like appetite and our sleep-wake cycle.

Did you know for instance, that our hormones are largely responsible for things like our energy levels, our ability to metabolize foods, etc? When we eat, it alters our mood, our hunger, and the way that sugar is utilized throughout the body.
This is why something as seemingly unrelated as vitamin D can actually have strong benefits when it comes to sugar regulation and conditions like diabetes.

4. Lung Function

Another perhaps surprising benefit of vitamin D is that it can support your lung function.

Studies show that vitamin D can actually help you to breathe more easily by allowing you to take in more oxygen with each breath.

It also appears to help combat many different conditions that can negatively impact on respiration. It has even been suggested that vitamin D can help to improve athletic performance.

The mechanism of action isn’t fully known, but that shouldn’t really matter. It helps you breathe… what more do you need to know!

5. Strength

We already know that vitamin D can help to boost testosterone levels. This alone can be enough to increase strength both in the long term and in the short term. At the same time though, it can also increase strength in another way – by increasing the absorption of calcium and magnesium.

That’s because these minerals aren’t only used to strengthen bone, they’re also used to strengthen connective tissue, which has been shown in studies to actually increase contractile strength and thereby help athletes to lift and push greater weights around.


6. Teeth

Another pleasing side benefit of having better absorption of calcium and magnesium is that it can support the formation of other structures in the human body that require minerals. This includes the teeth, which are of course made from bone.

The result is that you can end up with whiter, cleaner looking teeth that suffer from fewer problems. It may also make them less prone to breaking if you should fall or have another accident.


7. Energy Levels

Have you ever met someone who just seems to have tons of energy? Who is always moving, always full of life? Never seemingly burned out and drained?

These people very often spend a lot of time outdoors. Very often then are types who travel a lot, or who enjoy activities like surfing and camping. Sure, they enjoy those activities partly because they have the energy to enjoy them, but the correlation also works the other way around.

Spending more time outside gives them more energy because vitamin D helps them to produce more of the right hormones.

If you want more energy, spend more time outside!

8. Sleep

Another reason that energy levels are so closely linked with vitamin D is that vitamin D boosts sleep. When you sleep better, you wake up performing better in pretty much every capacity.

Getting more vitamin D, especially at the start of the day, can help you to regulate your biological clock and tell your system what time to feel awake and what time to feel sleepy.

This is why many biohackers, including the popular Dave Asprey, recommend taking a dose of vitamin D at the start of the day in order to enjoy better sleep throughout the night.


9. Insulin Regulation

Vitamin Ds ability to alter things like appetite and metabolism can also extend to better regulation of insulin.

Insulin is a hormone that is released when blood sugar levels increase. This in turn causes the body to absorb that sugar where it can then either be used or stored as fat. By controlling the release of insulin, vitamin D can give us more balance over our blood sugar and this in turn can help to prevent weight gain and control the symptoms of diabetes.

Specifically, vitamin D works its magic by increasing our insulin sensitivity and through that, it helps us to make more use of the sugar in our bodies.

10. Athletic Performance

We’ve seen that vitamin D can strengthen bones and muscle contractions. We’ve seen that it can improve breathing. And we’ve seen that it increases energy levels.

And seeing as we’ve now just learned that it also enhances insulin sensitivity, it only follows that this is an all-round great nutrient for any athlete to use if they want to see performance increases across the board.

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