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Benefits of Ginseng

Ginseng has been used as a medicine for centuries, and it’s become a household word in America and many other Western countries. Ginseng is one of the most popular and well-known herbal medicines worldwide, and it has been used by many cultures, tribes, and groups of people as a headache cure, infertility treatment, as well as for indigestion and fever.
More than 6 million people in the U.S. consume ginseng every day.

Its effects on concentration, focus, memory, and stamina are well-established by a lot of anecdotal evidence. It can also help with depression, chronic fatigue, and anxiety. It has been shown to boost the immune system, fight off dangerous pathogens, and even help men with E.D.
With so many benefits, what’s not to love? One note of caution is that some researchers have expressed concerns when ginseng is used in the long-term, pointing out that it may lead to headaches or insomnia. It can also interact with some medications. But, it’s safe to take once in a while. Let’s look at the top 15 benefits of ginseng.

1. Increased Energy

First, ginseng has a direct effect on fatigue; ginseng is a natural energy amplifier, giving individuals the necessary stamina to survive a busy day. It helps stimulate physical and mental activity in people who feel weak and tired. Researchers from the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota found out that a daily dose of Wisconsin ginseng (at least 1000 mg) can improve life for cancer-fighting patients, by leveling up their energy resources. When you are tired and really need an energy boost without a crash, ginseng might just be the answer you’re looking for, rather than coffee, soda, or energy drinks that cause you problems later.


2. Makes You Smarter

Ginseng improves intellectual capacity, so if you cannot focus or have difficulty learning or remembering things, just take a 45-day ginseng cure and you’re set to go. For even better mental stimulation, treatment with 1.5 g of micronized powder (or 300 mg of dry extract in tablets) is recommended. Furthermore, ginseng can effectively prevent the onset of dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other cognitive disorders.

The research on this topic is anecdotal, but there are a lot of people who claim that they have seen major benefits from using ginseng when it comes to memory and brainpower, as well as overall intelligence.


3. Enhances Sexual Performance

Most people chose not to talk about this, considering it a taboo topic, but ginseng is known as a good aphrodisiac, improving male sexual performance and boosting libido. Also, those with erectile dysfunction can try ginseng, which is a more natural way to handle the issue.

It’s not a 100% guaranteed problem solver, but it can bring improvement in your symptoms, giving life opportunities that you thought were lost. Although libido and erectile function can decrease with age, using treatments like ginseng along with anything that your doctor prescribes can have a significant impact and give you a healthy sex life again.


4. Reduces Hair Loss

Ginseng is considered to have one handy ingredient for all individuals who have to deal with hair loss – a natural carbohydrate that can prevent alopecia and male pattern baldness. For things to work in your favor when it comes to preventing hair loss, and to have dandruff-free hair, just apply ginseng salves or even consume the spice orally.

By helping your body adapt to stress, a well-known factor in hair loss, ginseng becomes a key solution for this issue. Many men suffer from hair loss and while there are some products that can help, ginseng is an effective treatment that costs almost nothing.


5. Prevents Bad Breath

Numerous studies have shown that red ginseng helps with bad breath problems, associated with the Helicobacter pylori bacteria. About 10 weeks of taking supplements based on red ginseng are enough to have fresh breath and ready for face-to-face interaction like going on dates and being up close with people. Boost your confidence and never be afraid to wonder what people think of your breath when you’re talking to them.

For those with chronic bad breath, ginseng can really be a miracle cure. Of course, ginseng cannot take the place of brushing or flossing, but it can take you the extra mile when you suffer from bad breath problems.


6. Reduces Allergy Symptoms

A 2012 study published in the Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Research journal confirmed that fermented red ginseng has the capacity of lowering allergy symptoms by reducing inflammation. Its anti-inflammatory possibilities have been proven by daily giving selected subjects six 250 mg pills of fermented red ginseng.

The quality of their lives improved and the battle with allergies became easier to handle. Next time, smell that flower and see the improvements.

No matter what type of allergy you have, from pollen to pet dander, ginseng can help you deal with it and reduce the allergy symptoms that you are suffering from.


7. Helps with Asthma

Currently, anti-asthmatic therapies have many side effects to deal with, so alternative solutions for the issue are more and more desired.

Scientists have found out that rats that were being given ginseng have developed improvement in the symptoms associated with chronic pulmonary damage, which can be associated with lung problems and many other issues.

While ginseng is definitely not a cure for asthma, it can certainly help with symptoms and when used with asthma medications and inhalers can make life nearly symptom free. Ginseng does have the benefit of no side effects, which other asthma treatments can have.

8. Fights Obesity

Another research study brought to public attention recently is that ginseng can help your body accumulate less fat.

However, it is not a miracle cure and must be combined with a healthy diet and exercise. If you have a healthy diet and some exercise added in, and then consume ginseng to stop gaining those extra pounds, you will find more success than by diet and exercise alone.

Still, you might want to consult a doctor before going on with a ginseng-based diet because your doctor should be aware of anything that you are using on a regular basis, including herbal remedies.

9. Gets Rid of Your Wrinkles

An active and busy life can leave marks on your face. Rich in amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, ginseng can soften your wrinkle problem.

Moreover, it can have great results in the whole aging process, so you can realize that soft skin isn’t something that disappears once you reach a certain age.

If you take good care of your body, then the results will visible and you’ll feel better about yourself. Crow’s feet, fine lines and aging wrinkles affect everyone, but they do not have to happen as soon as they do, nor do they need to be permanent.


10. Boosts Immunity

Ginseng increases body immunity, especially during illness, giving your body must-have protection.

It has been shown that this herbal medicine improves the effects of the influenza vaccine and helps to control symptoms of the flu virus. You just need to put two teaspoons of the crushed root of ginseng in one liter of water, cover and let it boil, then turn off the heat and let it infuse for 15-30 minutes.

Drink a glass in the morning and one more after lunch, especially when you aren’t feeling yourself when you feel symptoms coming on or during flu season.

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