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Month: July 2020

24 Hilarious Text Messages From Parents As Shared By Their Kids In A Viral Twitter Thread

Parenting can sure be tough, but it can also be rewarding, especially when your kid brags about your savage sense of humor online. And people on this viral Twitter thread are doing just that—they're sharing hilarious text messages that their parents sent them. It all started with one young woman sharing screenshots of text messages from her mother that left many in tears of laughter. "The way my mom texts me... I see where I get it from," she wrote in the caption of a now-viral tweet that amassed almost half a million likes in just a few days. In the text messages, her mom appears to be hilariously blunt, which prompted other people to share hilarious texts they've received from their parents as well. Scroll down below to see them all and vote for the ones that made you laugh the mo...